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Emiliano Gavilán lugro@lugro.org.ar
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 08:15:43 -0300 (Hora estándar Sudamérica E.)

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 14:29:52 -0300 (ART) Horacio Castellini <hcaste@fceia.unr.edu.ar> wrote:

> Vean este artículo... de la página se pude bajar el papiro sobre el
> tema...
> Parasitic computing is an example of a potential technology that could be
> viewed simultaneously as a threat or healthy addition to the online
> universe. On the Internet, reliable communication is guaranteed by a
> standard set of protocols, used by all computers. These protocols can be
> exploited to compute with the communication infrastructure, transforming
> the Internet into a distributed computer in which servers unwittingly
> perform computation on behalf of a remote node. In this model, one
> machine
> forces target computers to solve a piece of a complex computational
> problem merely by engaging them in standard communication.
> Parasitic computing raises important questions about the ownership of the
> resources connected to the Internet and challenges current computing
> paradigms. The purpose of our work it to raise awareness of the existence
> of these issues, before they could be exploited. By publishing our work
> we
> wish to bring the Internet's various existing vulnerabilities to the
> attention of both the scientific community and the society at large, so
> that the ethical, legal and scientific ramifications raised by it can be
> resolved.
> http://www.nd.edu/~parasite/

Ummmmmmm, quizá Kazaá tenga algo que decir respecto a esto. Otra proyecto que
*puede* haber sido pionero en este campo es el proyecto Seti. Uno prestaba
su máquina para "buscar marcianos" pero vaya a saber si no estaba ayudando
a calcular un nuevo tipo de arma de destrucción masiva ....