[Nightwing] Nightwing 0.6-beta4 release

"Sebastián D. Criado" sebastian.criado en gmail.com
Mie Mayo 13 13:49:26 ART 2009

The development group [0] of LUGRo-Mesh [1] announces that already
it's available the fourth release of the firmware Nightwing [2],
version 0.6-beta4 [3].

*About Nightwing*
Nightwing allows the creation of Wireless Mesh Networks [4], with a
fast and easy deployment. Requires an Atheros wireless chip, and a
minimum of 4MB of flash memory and 16MB of RAM memory. It can be
instaled in devices from Ubiquiti like the NanoStation or the Bullet,
from Accton like the Fonera 2200, and many more devices that cover the
minimun requirements.

In this new release some changes where made to improve the functioning
and also the security.

For more information about the changes, see the ChangeLog [5]:

The group has mailing lists for the Nightwing firmware [6] and for the
group it self [7].

[0] lugro-mesh-dev_AT_lugro.org.ar
[1] http://www.lugro-mesh.org.ar/en/
[2] http://nightwing.lugro-mesh.org.ar/en/
[3] http://nightwing.lugro-mesh.org.ar/en/download.html
[4] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_mesh_network
[5] http://svn2.assembla.com/svn/nightwing/trunk/nightwing/etc/CHANGELOG
[6] http://www.lugro.org.ar/mailman/listinfo/nightwing
[7] http://www.lugro.org.ar/mailman/listinfo/lugro-mesh

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